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Black Lives Matter

Burnaby Pride stands in support and solidarity with all others denouncing racism and the ongoing cycle of lethal violence by law enforcement officers. Burnaby Pride stands with those who experience marginalization, repression, and violence because of the colour of their skin. We stand together, knowing that liberation and justice will only work if it is collective and intersectional.

The history of the LGBTQ2SIA+ Pride movement started as a protest, a riot against police targeting our community with repressive, violent, and oppressive laws. Black people stood up to the police and the systems that actively denied the right to freely exist. Without the strength, perseverance, courage, and action of those who came before us, we would not have the rights and privileges we currently hold. We will not stand by as oppression occurs.

Canada has a long history of oppressing Black, Indigenous LGBTQ2SIA+ folk. This has been a part of our legal system and enforced with violence by the police. LGBTQ2SIA+ folk in Canada have been oppressed, surveilled, and brutalized by police forces, resulting in raids, incarceration, and death. While the LGBTQ2SIA+ community has achieved significant victories that have increased the civil rights of our population, Burnaby Pride recognizes that not all of us exist on level playing fields, and this must be acknowledged so that we can fight for true equity and freedom.

For the Black and Indigenous people in our LGBTQ2SIA+ community, we see you. We support you. We care for you. We commit to doing better within our own organization. Black lives matter. Black trans lives matter. Black LGBTQ2SIA+ lives matter. All Black lives matter.

Pride is about rising up and pushing back against those who would stop us from living authentically, fully, freely, and proudly. Pride is the tradition of resistance and we will continue that tradition. We reject the culture that makes any person feel less than. We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, People of Colour against racism.

Burnaby Pride recognizes that we have work to do, both inside our organization and individually. The following is some of what Burnaby Pride commits to:

  • Prioritizing equity and diversity as core values and recognizing these are ongoing practices that must move beyond statements of intent.

  • Centering the voices and needs of intersecting and diverse populations who don’t feel they are represented or are underrepresented at Pride events.

  • Seeking out and engaging in educational opportunities to inspect our inherent racism, own conscious and unconscious bias’, and our countries history of racism and oppression.

  • Working to ensure that our organizing committee and community group better represent the diversity of those within the LGBTQ2SIA+ community. Recognizing that it is not enough to seek input, those with intersecting identities must be at the table.

  • Intentionally using our social media platforms to amplify the voices of Black people not just now, not just for a week, but throughout our entire cycle of posting.

  • Embracing anti-racism as an essential part of our objective.

  • Sharing the history of the LGBTQ2SIA+ movement and the importance of Black people who came before us and who fight with us still.

  • Not remaining neutral. We will advocate for, and learn from, those who are oppressed by society, systems, government, and other individuals.

  • Celebrating all that Black and Indigenous people have done, and continue to do, for our movement and as members of our community.

  • Participating in cross-movement organizing.

  • Being, not just allies, but active participants in pushing this movement forward.

“As we commit to each other to build this movement of resistance and liberation, no one can be an afterthought. We have a chance to be stronger and better than ever before – and that starts with having hard conversations and being held accountable.”
Raquel Willis, trans rights organizer

Burnaby Pride Organizing Committee








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