event accessibility

Working collaboratively with Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods, both events have been planned with accessibility in mind. If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility at either event, please do not hesitate to contact info@burnabypride.com.

  • There will be disability-specific volunteers to aid people with disabilities stationed at the accessibility table, on Friday it will be at the First Aid tent and entrance, on Saturday it will be near the Nelson entrance (in front of the baseball diamond). We will also have floating accessibility volunteers, if you need assistance, look for volunteers with a blue badge with accessibility symbols.

  • A microphone will be used by all speakers and performers.

  • ASL-EN registered interpreters.

  • Service animals are welcome. At the Street Party on Saturday, PADS (Pacific Assistance Dog Society) will be present.

  • All porta-potties are gender-neutral and accessible.

  • Both events will be held outside. We cannot guarantee a scent free space. We will have specific spaces for smoking away from the main areas. We cannot control electromagnetic frequency so please plan accordingly.

  • If you have any accessibility concerns or questions or need assistance on Saturday, look for the accessibility table at the entrance to the Street Party (on the Nelson Avenue/tennis court side).

  • There is a concrete, shaded seating area for the Saturday event that requires going over a small amount of grass. If you need assistance, ask an accessibility volunteer, they can be identified by their blue badge with the accessibility symbol.

  • Friday night, there will be a limited amount of parking spaces for people with disabilities above ground, 1 is an accessible width. There will also be underground parking available (parking is only for three hours, if you park more than this you will be ticketed). Saturday will have limited parking available, parking spaces for people with disabilities is being reserved closer to the event.

  • The food trucks have menus available on the truck but their font size may be smaller than required for some, if this is an issue for you, please let a disability volunteer know and they will direct you to the large print versions.

  • The height of the food trucks may make them inaccessible to some, if you need assistance, please look for a disability volunteer with a blue badge with an accessibility symbol.

  • Games will be available on the baseball diamond which is grass. This year’s event more than doubled in size and we had to use the diamond even though we understand the accessibility issues. If you need assistance across the grass, please look for accessibility volunteers stationed near the entrance to the baseball diamond. The accessibility table also has games available for those unable to go across the grass.

  • There will be a sober space available on the Friday night outside the gated area hosted by Last Door (who runs the program Clean Sober and Proud). There will also be seating behind the accessibility section, near to the stage and as far from the bar as possible within the gated area. There will be mocktails available.

  • There will be a quiet space on the baseball diamond at Saturday’s Street Party. If you have accessibility issues with the grass, please contact the accessibility table (in front of the baseball diamond) for assistance.

  • Volunteers trained in how to use Narcan (Nonaloxone) will be identifiable by badges with a grey cross. Please don’t hesitate to get the assistance of these volunteers if needed. If you can’t find any of these volunteers, look for city staff or the accessibility table at the entrance.

  • First aid volunteers will be available at both events. At the Friday Rainbow Garden Party, they will be stationed in the parking lot. Saturday they will be located near the accessibility table at the Nelson entrance.

  • There will be security at the Friday night Garden Party and Peace Bearers at the Saturday Street Party. There will be RCMP officers walking the perimeter of the Garden Party; they will not enter the venue unless there is an issue that security cannot handle. There will not be any RCMP stationed at the entrance. On Saturday, there will be a police car blocking off the entrance on Imperial and a City of Burnaby car on the Bonsor side with an RCMP officer. Please choose for yourself from which side you are most comfortable approaching. There will not be RCMP other than at this vehicle unless there is an incident that our Peace Bearers feel need RCMP assistance.

  • The City of Burnaby is committed to making our events accessible. If you have suggestions for future events, please contact us at or after the event to let us know what would have improved your experience.

  • If you are disabled and have any advanced questions about the accessibility of the event, please email info@burnabypride.com.


  • These events centre LGBTQ2SIA+ folk (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, 2 Spirited, Intersex, Asexual, Plus). Please keep this in mind. We ask allies to be mindful of how they navigate the space.
    Burnaby Pride recognizes and values diversity, including but not limited to differences in ethnicity, gender identity, ancestry, place of origin, color, citizenship, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status, HIV status, political affiliation and ability.

  • Be open. We have a diverse group of event participants, be open to people celebrating in different ways.

  • Maintain our supportive environment. We are creating spaces where people can celebrate who they truly are. We expect those who attend our events to be supportive of this.

  • None of the following behaviour, speech, and/or actions will be accepted: anti-LGBTQ2SIA+, transprejudice (anti-trans folk), ableism (anti-disabled people), sexism, racism, anti-fatness, anti-Semitism (anti-Jewish), audism (anti-deaf, hard of hearing folk), xenophobia (anti-people from other countries), hate speech/violence.

  • Step in, distract, or report harassment. If you see something that you feel needs intervention, consider which option best works for the situation, your safety and which does not escalate the situation. If you think it is safe to do so, intervene directly by addressing the person who is doing the harm and say something firmly that makes the person aware that what they are doing is wrong, examples include “don’t talk to them like that”, “stop harassing this person”. Following this type of statement, don’t engage with the harasser, interact with the person who being harassed. Distraction is another option, engage the person who is being harassed by talking about something unrelated, such as “can you take me to the candy bar?”, “who is the next performer?”, or “would you like to come with me while I get another drink?”, anything that inserts yourself between the harasser and their target without putting yourself in harm’s way. If you do not feel safe or comfortable intervening, look for event volunteers, city staff, or security. If there is a situation that security is unable to resolve, RCMP are on the parameter of the event’s location and should be contacted.